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In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about how automation can be helpful in your day to day life as a developer.

Working with Legacy

In this episode, Jeff and Matt talk about legacy code and strategies for dealing with legacy applications. They talk about some real-world projects they have worked on and how they dealt with some problems.

Project Managers

Systems Administration and DevOps

Minimum Viable Product

Live from PHP[tek] 2015

Resolution Won't Fix

Open Sourcing Libraries and Packages

Like a Boss

How We Work

Best Practices

Mentoring and Apprenticing

Estimation is Hard

Mental Health in the Tech Industry

Job Descriptions and Interviews


I Learnded Goodly

Titles and Classifications

Career Development

Do You Even Polyglot?

In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about learning different programming languages and how that can help you become a better developer.

Building a Testing Culture

Jeff and Matt talk about building a culture of testing at your company.

PHPTownHall Mashup

Joint episode with PHPTownHall hosts Phil Sturgeon and Ben Edmonds

Side Projects

Jeff and Matt talk about getting involved in projects outside of your normal employment.

An Agile Rant

Jeff and Matt talk about Agile. Agile development and processes.

Conference Conversations

Recorded live at LoneStarPHP 2014, Jeff and Matt talk about conferences.

My Code is Perfect

Writing clean code isn’t something you pick up overnight, nor is it a brand new topic. In this episode Jeff and Matt discuss the characteristics and mechanics of creating clean code and how to approach your project from a clean code perspective.

We're Passionate, Confident Developers, Right?

In this episode Jeff and Matt discuss being passionate developers and how that translates to being a professional developer.

Jeff Carouth and Matt Frost