In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about the idea of establishing and participating in mentoring relationships. As participants in the PHP Mentoring organization or initiative, mentorship is an important part of Jeff’s and Matt’s lives as developers. The main theme in this episode is that you should find a way to get past your fears and find a way to get involved with mentoring in your community. Along the way they cover some advice based on past experiences of what to expect and how to establish successful relationships.

This episode is sponsored by our good friend Coderabbi who is just about to depart for Europe on the initial leg of his Wisdom as a Service World Tour. The Tour is a spirited initiative to engage more than 35 User Groups representing over 2000 PHP developers around the world in a conversation about Community, Software Craftsmanship, Personal Growth and Professional Development. If you are a User Group Organizer who would like arrange a Tour visit, a potential sponsor who wants your message to be a part of the conversation or are simply interested in playing “Where in the world is Coderabbi?”, visit today!

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Jeff Carouth and Matt Frost